My Sister Is A Painter

New World



Il sole nel mare

Mondo Novo Film is a production company founded by Gianluca Abbate and Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri which produces and promotes films whose aims are experimentation and research. The name is inspired to an optical instrument, progenitor of  the cinema, which consisted in a wooden box containing backlit paintings that the spectator could see on the inside. The choice of this name comes from the will to take inspiration from the epoch when the approach of images in movement was free for the ones who created them, and magic for the ones who saw them. An epoch during which the idea of new worlds starts entering into the collective imagination giving birth to new dreams and utopias. With the same spirit, but during the epoch when images lost their power to communicate and fascinate, we propose to feel again that power contained in every image. And then, ask ourselves, if the birth of a new world is still possible.

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