Microbioma is a video art project conceived as a series. The first work consists in projecting on a wall many tiny moving figures, which through the cyclic repetition in different sizes would create visual and rhythmical patterns.

The figures are at first simple flowers, small jellyfish, and then a hemorrhage/drain swarming with objects, and they move shining over darker backgrounds which depict ancient frescoes and mosaic decorations.

The videos are in full HD (1920x1080), according to the destination technology, and they can be limited to a single channel screening or be adapted to multiscreening systems.

Microbioma recreates a ambient where the objects belonging to an imploded reality fluctuate as in a vortex. No perspective nor reflection, no research of sense, no transcendence, no ghost nor symbol, but an ocean of images, signs in a neverending combination. The frescoes on the background lose their meaning and they also become serial images, integrating themselves in the constellation of the objects-signs.

"While objects are neither flora nor fauna, they give the impression of being a proliferating vegetation; a jungle where the new savage of modern times has trouble finding the reflexes of civilization." (JEAN BAUDRILLARD).

Screening & Awards

22>29 October 2016
Videoformes Presence @ Now & After | Curated by Gabriel Soucheyre
The State Darwin Museum | Moscow (RU)
October 2015
roBOt Festival 2015 | Dynamo Bologna (IT)
October 2015
Timiryazevsky Biological Museum | Collection Video Biomus by Marina Fomenko (RU)
June 2015
Pesaro Film Festival | The Very Eye Of Night | Curated by Giacomo Ravesi (IT)
May 2015
CologneOFF CeC 2015 | International Videoart Festival in India | Curated by Marina Fomenko (INDIA)
March 2014
Videoformes 2014 | International digital arts festival (FR)
August 2013
Franco Libertucci Contemporary Art Gallery | Molise Cinema | Casacalenda (IT)
June 2013
Video Art Prize Tonino D'erme | Curated by Massimo Palumbo and Fabio D'Achille
FPC Pontino Short Film Festival | 9° edition | Latina (IT)
April 2013
Now&After 13 | International Video Art Festival
MMOMA | Moscow Museum of Modern Art (RU)


Running time: 5'
Year: 2013